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Steps towards managing your negative emotions in a more constructive and positive way.

At times, life can present you with situations, events and problems which can be extremely challenging. For example, loss of a loved one, redundancy, divorce, disability, aging, discrimination, racism, gender identity issues, low motivation and lack of fulfillment etc. These challenging moments can cause you to experience a negative emotion such as sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, rejection and inadequacy. Below you will find a guide which can empower you to manage your negative emotions in a more posative way.

  1. Get Aware! - A situation, event or problem presents itself to you and you have a negative emotional reaction to it. This reaction isn’t bad; your emotions are perfectly natural and valid.
  2. Get curious! - Get curious about what message your negative reaction is presenting you with. For instance, if you’re feeling negative emotions on a regular basis then get curious about what this means? How can you explore this further? What options are available to you?
  3. Get Energized! - You have explored the message and you're now able to get excited about new possibilities and positive changes.
  4. Take Action! - You can now use your energy to set yourself achievable goals, make plans and progress forward.
  5. Feel Satisfied! - If you’ve highlighted your goal and achieved it then that’s great. If you should fall short then that’s still good because life is about growing and learning from every experience you have.

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