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Are you a man who is currently battling a challenge? Are you located in either Basildon or King’s Cross (NW1)?

I have a lot of respect for you because it takes real courage to reach out and ask for help.

You’ve been really down recently because you're battling that challenge you’ve been facing for a long time. At the moment you can’t talk to your friends, loved ones or family about it because you're concerned that they may see you as being weak, a failure, helpless or not good enough. You try to convince yourself that a man shouldn’t be bothered by an issue like this, but this makes it worse because you keep beating yourself up. You bottle things up to either the point where you feel like you might explode or your energy drains away and you just want to give up.

As a man myself, I know that reaching out and asking for help isn’t the easiest thing to do at times. And I also know that for you to have gotten to this point things are seemingly pretty bad right now. Here is some good news. I’ve helped many men who are facing a similar situation to the one you are battling currently and I’ve supported them to achieve some or more of the following goals:

Hi, my name is James and I want the best for you. I want you to have a life that is fulfilling, successful and vibrant. Please contact me now in order to arrange an initial consultation, you’ll be so glad you did.