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Here are some frequently asked questions that people have when considering a consultation with me for the first time:

How do I know if I really need to book a consultation?

Below I have listed the common symptoms that my clients have talked to me about. If you find that you experience one or more of these on a regular basis then you may benefit from having a consultation:

Awareness of the cause of your symptoms is the first step towards discovering and achieving your goals.

Will I be judged?

No. I can offer you a safe space which is free from judgements and where you are encouraged to be yourself. My attitude towards working with you emphasises acceptance, empathy, authenticity and compassion.

How can regular consultations help me?

My clients have found that weekly sessions with me have helped in numerous ways.

What if you tell me that there is no hope or I can't be helped?

I understand that at times things can feel pretty bleak and low, where it seems like nothing is going your way. However, I believe that there is always hope. I also think that if you decide I’m not the right person for you, then there is someone that can offer you the help that you are looking for.

What can I expect from my initial consultation?

If I am interested in further sessions after the first consultation, then how and where will these take place?

How confidential will my session be?

Your sessions will be confidential between you and your counsellor. There are very specific circumstances where this may be reviewed. Please don’t be concerned, these situations are very rare and will be explained to you during the first session.

How much will I need to pay for each session?

How do I get started?

Please click the Contact Me link at the top of the page and either call or email me to find out more information.