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About the counselling service

At Improve Your Life Counselling the primary counsellor is James Harris. James is a highly professional and qualified counsellor. Since graduating with a BACP Accredited Diploma in Counselling at the Gestalt Centre (London) he has worked with a range of clients from different cultural backgrounds and a variety of emotional, psychological and wellbeing challenges. These have included depression, anger, anxiety, bereavement, trauma, disability, low self-esteem & self-worth, redundancy and stress. James gained this experience from working with clients at a prodigious London University, a Not-For-Profit charity and with private clients.

Prior to his counselling training, James spent 10+ years working within the corporate sector within a variety of management roles. He has also accumulated over 15 years experience as a volunteer with various groups where he has worked on a range of projects including; running a mentoring service, conducting research with focus groups and organizing activity events. Some might say that this work is far removed from counselling. However, James truly believes that the skills, training, structure and discipline gained during this time has made a significant contribution towards his success as a counsellor. It has allowed James to expand his view of the world, outside of the counselling room.

Top Five Core Qualities

James considers these five core qualities define him as a counsellor:

Commitment to Continual Personal Development

James is fully committed to developing himself to better serve your therapeutic challenges and needs. He attends regular training workshops, conferences, reads extensively and regularly meditates. When appropriate, James will utilize aspects from other therapeutic models (such as Person Centered, CBT and NLP) to further enhance your therapeutic experience.

Professional Associations James is Registered With

James is a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists). He considers your safety and confidentiality to be of high importance. Thereby, James adheres to the BACP’s ethical guidelines. You can visit James' profile page at the BACP or visit the BACP home page for more general information.

With his background in the corporate sector, his adventures as a volunteer and his experience of counselling a range of clients, James has gained a wealth of life skills and knowledge. He is confident that he can offer you a professional, accepting, non-judgmental, empathic, respectful, and honest and trust worthy therapeutic relationship.

Why not contact Improve Your Life Counselling for an initial session and see if James is the right counsellor for you?